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Real Sword SVD Piston

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So just recently got the real sword AEG SVD and it shot quite well until it stopped feeding. I don't know if this was because of the mag, low power battery (7.4 lipo, getting 9.6) or problems in the gear box.

So anyways I opened up the gun with my dad and we cleaned the inside of the gearbox and stuff like that, but then when we put it back together and tested it. It wouldn't shoot out any air. So, we opened it up again and we saw that the piston's teeth were stripped. It turns out, quote on quote, "The Real Sword SVD's piston is a P.O.S." :doh:

So we're going to have to replace that... Any suggestions? And the gun wasn't the most accurate thing in the world so do you guys suggest any simple upgrades for it? Also, what could the feeding problem be? I think my mags feed just fine, but I'm gonna get a hi-cap just to see if it feeds better and I'll get a 9.6 since I wanted to get that anyways.
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Also my dad just informed that it seems the connector switch from the trigger to the gearbox and the motor is bad/weird, so the gears only fully feed when you pull the trigger back 95% of the way and you pull really hard. This may be the reason of the feeding problems.

Also when I say feeding problems I mean that the gun would take the bb but not really throw it. Sometimes it would even take two of them and spit them out. Sometimes I would do 20 trigger pulls and not a single bb would come out.
You both are looking at how the gearbox works incorrectly. Go look at some diagrams on how a gearbox works and it will help aton. Samething with the hop up.
Ok, will try that

EDIT: Wait, why do you say that we are looking at the gearbox incorrectly? And the hop up is really simple, plus I don't believe the problem would be because of the hop up since the bbs fit in it just fine.
Even if the bb fits in the hop up fine does not mean it is messed up. Could be a bad hop up arm, bad bucking, so forth. Secondly your bbs feeding aren't depended by pulling the trigger more for the gears. You may be saying that you have to pull the trigger more so that the motor turns the gear. Are you using a lipo?
Ya, we thought that could have been the problem. Yes, we're using a lipo (7.4), but we don't think that's strong enough. So we'll get a 9.6 and maybe do some shimming on the gears. And how could a bad bucking jam up the bbs? We tested it out a couple of times and everything seemed aligned and the bbs would go through the bucking and hop up.

But we'll still get the bucking with the lipo to see if that changes anything. I would get a 80 degree bucking but if you guys have any other better ideas please tell me.

For the record this is the type of hop up the real sword has. Can you suggest a bucking?
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that creeply looks liky my KA crap hop-up.

Any AEG bucking should work. Higher FPS stick to 80degree
Haha, this hop up works just fine for me. But if I were to replace would any aeg hop work? Oh and an 80 degree will raise the fps? I actually want to keep mine under 400 and it shoots 380 right now.
I'm using a Systema bucking in both my RS SVD's... It's awesome!

Why won't any one answer me? *bangs head against table*
Honestly it maybe, because we are telling you somethings that might be the issue but you dismiss most of them because "it looks fine". You really must look and inspect everything. Get us some pictures. Help us help you.
Ok, I'll try to do that once we take it apart again
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