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Reaps ho-up for pistols.

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So I recently acquired a TM Hi-capa
And I saw this for sale:

The range on the hi-capa is already great at about 120 feet or so.
So I jumped the fence and bought this ho up, when I receive it I will test it and post the results. I'm probably not going to bother with an accuracy test and just do a range test.

THey have AEG versions and VSR versions but to be honest I wouldn't bother because there is already great systems for them out there and people have said they don't preform as well as r-hops anyway. I'm just trying this because haven't seen any similar systems for pistols before. :yup:
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Well, after much testing I can say that this is totally not worth getting. (for TM hi-cappas anyway) There was no lprange increase with .2 and .25g bbs (actually a slight decrease) but with .3g bbs there was an increase of about 5ft.

Consistancy wise the rubber made the gun less consistant over all.

If you cannot find a stock tm rubber anywherr and just want a cheap replacement that will still give good range this is a handy replacement.
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