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Reasonable DMR FPS Limits

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(Figured this would apply more to general instead of Long Range AEGs, but if I've misplaced it, feel free to move it)

Hey snipers,

I've recently been having some debates at the field I volunteer at (along with 4 others, we run the place. It's non-profit). We've been playing on 30 acres of land for the last 2 years, and have had no issues with our FPS regulations. Our previous regulations that we used for 2 years were 0-280 FPS=no MED, 281-400=30ft MED, and anything 401-550=semi only, 100ft MED.

The issues all started when we had a volunteer begin to argue that another volunteer's SR-25 DMR running 500 FPS was incredibly overpowered, so he began running his tanaka m700 from 700-750 FPS to "Compete" and continues to argue that the DMR at 500 is overpowered (while he has drawn blood many times from 200ft).

So the last few weekends, we've been talking about reducing the FPS of DMRs/Snipers. He wants the limits to be AEG=400, DMR=450, and Bolt=550. Personally, I think 400/500/600 would be perfectly fair, however, he continues to claim that the DMR has very few cons compared to an AEG or BASR. He argues that with a fast trigger response, you can fire a semi-auto DMR at 10+ RPS (He uses my Polarstar PR-15 as a base for his argument, due to the instant trigger response), and that the 50 FPS is a generous advantage for penetration of brush and leaves. I've basically told him that 99% of DMRs are standard AEGs, which, even with a mosfet and 11.1v lipo, still can only reach around 4 RPS on semi. He also completely ignores the fact that DMs do not pull the trigger as quickly as possible, and thinks of them as paintballers who simply want to lay down fire.

Myself and the other DMR who volunteer's at our field have tried to convince him that a mere 50 FPS increase while losing full auto capabilities and having a longer engagement distance is simply devastating to DMs, but he claims that the 50 FPS advantage was dramatic. We suggested 400/500/600, yet he shot it down. I tried to compromise at 400/475/550, a 75 FPS increase per tier, yet he didn't like that either. I'm not worried about the advantage of a BASR over a DMR, more the advantage of an AEG over a DMR.

If anyone has any arguments against his proposal of 400/450/550 that I haven't mentioned, or some extra aspects of mine, I'd really appreciate. Also, if you believe that I'm wrong for the FPS that I'm suggesting, please post here as well and give me reasons why. Also, if you have alternate suggestions for our FPS rules, possibly via magazine capacity, or any other means, please post them here.

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As we in the UK are 'legaly' limited to 350fps for all weapons its not really an issue, but as there are sites around the country that do allow higher fps with a disclaimer I'll continue....

The general rule for us is 328fps +/-5% for all AEGs and pistols no MED.

Most sites that allow higher fps' say 425 or 450fps for DMR style rifles 30metre MED, strickly semi only. While I like the rules that mateba plays under ie 'it must look like a DMR to have the power bonus' sadly next to no one over here enforces them, so you do find the occasional f**kwit running round with a semi locked 450fps MP5K ::), though one site I play at regularly does enforce it and also imposes a 100 round limit per game, which I try to live by at every site I play as I like the realistic restriction on ammo use.

BAs can be a maximum of 500fps again 30metre MED, some sites run a 2 mag limit, but again not many :(

Take from this what you will ;)

I also agree with mateba on the point of telling your 'nay sayer' to Foxtrot Oscar, as it strikes me he's got himself lost in the 'power game', somehow thinking it makes you a better shot, rather than 'game play style' and the mechanics of it. After all it only takes one to spoil things for everyone, and that 'one' should most definately NOT be incharge :-/
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