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Reasons to respect the Sniper MED

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Just got news from one of the local fields near us that some walk on using a BASR shot through someones cheek because they didn't respect the fields MED.

According to what I've been told the guy shot another player at 20' with a 600fps gun.

The field now has a qualifier for which snipers must pass before using anything that high of a fps. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Lets respect field rules.
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Sounds like something one of my friends would do... Made the rule for when they play at my field there is no shooting at about 10ft, they have to say "Bang." might make it 20ft since we have higher fps guns now.
I'm going to probably use this thread as a example to my friends on why they should follow safety rules, and wear eye protection. Also, I don't know why people need over 450fps, I have a 400fps shotgun that shoots about 80ft and can hit a body size target at about 70ft.
In a higher-power setup:

  1. The impact is greater so people can actually call their hits.
  2. The BB travels to its intended target faster so there's less time between shot and impact. BB weight actually affects this a lot.
  3. There is an increase in effective range, but still not quite as much as an effective hop up system.

#1 IMHO is the only problem I have with lower-power setups. Higher-power setups also have many negatives, but safety is the key issue.
I would get a higher powered airsoft gun, but my friends are wimps and usually call themselves out even if i miss.
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