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Reasons to respect the Sniper MED

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Just got news from one of the local fields near us that some walk on using a BASR shot through someones cheek because they didn't respect the fields MED.

According to what I've been told the guy shot another player at 20' with a 600fps gun.

The field now has a qualifier for which snipers must pass before using anything that high of a fps. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Lets respect field rules.
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My friend hot hit with one of those cheap 30$ spring pistols that shoots 250-300fps in the tooth from 10 feet away. His tooth cracked and a chunk of the tooth broke off.

It may be a one in a thousand chance, but accidents do happen.
The field limit is 500 for sniper rifles but this happened in my backyard. The point of my post before wasn't to tell you he got hurt, because this happened a good year ago. It was to say that airsoft can be dangerous even with safety measures taken such as goggles and fps limit, but they can still help lower risk of injury.
Maybe make a single sticky post with all of this info on it. No one wants to read all of this stuff if they just joined. How about we make the post have a few of the worst scenarios from this thread, and all of the safety procedures people must take to avoid them?
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