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Reciever and Fluted barrel

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After I managed to get some break-in with my L96, I noticed on the front of the hopup (PDI), a Ring of eaten paint from the cylinder head. I'm only assuming that the spacing between the hopup and the cylinder head is off.

I tightened the fluted barrel as much as it will go, Guess I have to back it up 1 full turn or is it not doing harm and its just breaking in the placement?

I'm only asking such A question, because I'm not that knowledgeable with the L-96. I'm hoping that this gun will be my primary, and my vsr will get a vacation lol
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yea I know what you mean with the Pull back!

I have a solution, get some silicon spray and spray alittle bit on the outside of the cylinder. It works out Nice now (still a bit rough). I think the whole reason behind the tight fit is PDI milled out the pieces to fit the PDI cylinder. Even with my zero trigger, it was a tight fit.

They also give you 2 screws. From the pictures they provide, they show one of the stock screws being way too long, and you have to change it out with the screw they provide. I actually took the time to switch it out, and its not even long enough lol So I changed it back.. Looking closer at the picture, its not A maurzen L96.. It looks like a different brand.

The other screw, its hard to tell.. There picture kinda shows the scope Rail screw being too long???? But I think its to secure the barrel.

I already e-mailed PDI like a month ago. I got a response after 3 weeks. They said all there English speaking workers left, and there down to 1 person. Sooner or later we'll have to use Pictures so they understand us lol

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Don;t worry about the reply. I'm always looking out on the forums.

The stock is in 2 pieces. If you look at each side, theres small allens with washer spacers all around the rifle. I just took off 90% of em (when I Reached up to the Bipod adapter I stopped) , I gently held the 2 halves apart, grabbed the old screw out, and replaced it. The reason why I didn't take it fully apart, is because I wasn't sure if there was any small pieces that could fly out and loose or not find out where the hell they go.

About the Hop up, I'm making "spacers" to get the alignment right. What I like about the vsr, you can actually see the cylinder head alignment to the hop up. I just wish maruzen did something similar.
The alignment between the cylinder head and the bucking is crucial on the vsr. Theres a step up on the cylinder head which hased to get within a fraction of a 1/16 in order to provide the most out of your airflow. I suspose the L96 would be different with the PDI hop up. Nice to use an AEG bucking.
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