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Reciever and Fluted barrel

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After I managed to get some break-in with my L96, I noticed on the front of the hopup (PDI), a Ring of eaten paint from the cylinder head. I'm only assuming that the spacing between the hopup and the cylinder head is off.

I tightened the fluted barrel as much as it will go, Guess I have to back it up 1 full turn or is it not doing harm and its just breaking in the placement?

I'm only asking such A question, because I'm not that knowledgeable with the L-96. I'm hoping that this gun will be my primary, and my vsr will get a vacation lol
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It doesn't work with the PDI receiver? I have the stock receiver and fluted barrel with no problems. I assume that if you screw the barrel in all the way it gets tight as hell? That sucks a lot, I'm glad I never got the receiver.

I have a ring on mine, but its vital that the cylinder sits right up on the back of the chamber, thats why they make the Laylax cylinder head with longer nozzles, so the nozzle can fit snug inside the bucking.

I would use white lithium grease, it will last longer than silicone, good luck guys.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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