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Good morning, good evening and good afternoon to y'all!

As the title of this post implies, I'm on the lookout for some ideas from you guys as to how to fix or improve the air seal between my Nozzle and the Hop up bucking on a VSR10 (SSG10).

My set up is quite simple:
Base gun- SSG10
Stalker Scorpion
Maple Leaf Crazy jet
Tridos TDC 2.0
ML Autobot 70掳 silicone
Stock Hop Up chamber
Stock Air nozzle

Now, so far I would say I've got a 90-95% air seal on the system, but I'm trying to chase that 100% air seal to be on the perfect power level for my field (3.3J @ 0.48g//I'm at 3.1J with a heavy piston and a 3+J rapax light pull).

My only issue now is that when doing the air seal test i have a pretty loud air leak between the bucking and the nozzle immediately after pulling the trigger as the pressure builds up. And upon further analysis i can see that the bucking's wall tend to not stick much to the barrel on the sides, which makes me believe that when the air pressure starts rising it lifts the bucking by the top window and starts flowing from all sides, coming out where the nozzle meets the bucking.
Why do i suspect this? Well, because there is no way the air might escape from the front of the bucking since i have the metal ring plus PTFE tape sealing it.

Now, I've thought of possible solutions but i would like to know what y'all think of them, and if you have better suggestions.

Possible solutions?:
馃敻 Change air nozzle so it sits tighter in the bucking. (But idk if there are such nozzles)
馃敻Change Hop Up chamber. (I heard that the AA chamber is supposed to have a perfect fit, maybe that tighter fit helps the bucking not to lift)
馃敻Put PTFE tape either under the bucking where it comes in contact with the barrel. (But would have to find a way not to cover the window)
馃敻Put PTFE tape on the nozzle? (But i suspect that it's going to fuck up the feeding and i have doubts regarding the longevity of the tape on the nozzle)

Either way, i hope I didn't bore you with the post and I'm interested to hear what y'all got to say.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!

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AA chamber would be the easiest. Following heat shrink and CA glue on the nozzle. Or dropping money on nozzles till you find one that works.
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AA chamber would be the easiest. Following heat shrink and CA glue on the nozzle. Or dropping money on nozzles till you find one that works.
Indeed, but just in case, do you have any good recommendations on nuzzle manufacturers?
Because i think the issue with my nozzle (don't know if you've seen a novritch stock nozzle) but it has a slight tamper towards the front, thinning out to fit in the bucking. And i think that might be the reason why it doesn't seal properly.
What I'm thinking is maybe getting a nozzle that's slightly thicker so the fit is tighter, or something that doesn't have that gradual tamper but instead a more aggressive change in diameter at the end to hopefully offer a bit more resistance against the air.

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I recommend that you put a shim the length of the ring under the ring, like a layer of card stock or something similar.
This will squish the bucking down a bit, making it fit the nozzle better.
Other than that, probably go for the new AA chamber and also do the shim thing.
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