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Recommended Buckings for 500-550FPS

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This is primarily for performance testing.

What bucking and/or nub would you recommend besides r-hop/er-hop?

I heard from some people that the Prometheus hard bucking and Firefly hard bucking is essentially the same. Is this true? If anyone uses or has used either one of these, could you share your experience please?
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...I use ABB sleeves or whip my buckings...
Where did you get the ABB sleeves?

Whip bucking= ? I may know the mod you're talking about, but I've never heard "whipped bucking."

Has anyone ever tried Prommy Hard and Firefly hard?

Btw, I'm saving r/er-hops last because I've heard the best results from them :) Saving the best for last, oh yeah :yup:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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