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Recommended Buckings for 500-550FPS

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This is primarily for performance testing.

What bucking and/or nub would you recommend besides r-hop/er-hop?

I heard from some people that the Prometheus hard bucking and Firefly hard bucking is essentially the same. Is this true? If anyone uses or has used either one of these, could you share your experience please?
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I use stock TM buckings in my 545 fps maruzen L96 (fully up'd).

It's a myth that you need to use hard buckings at high fps. Soft will work just as well and actually give more consistent results in my experience--they just wear out fast.

However, I use ABB sleeves or whip my buckings, and soft buckings seem to conform better to the barrel. However, if I weren't to do this I think I'd get more 'blow out' with soft buckings than hard. Something to consider.

I ordered about 10 TM buckings a while back off of and I haven't had to replace them more than once every 10 games, though, so I don't worry about it.

I seem to remember vindi using soft buckings as well? I may be remembering the wrong user but I know there's a couple other old hands who prefer them, and probably know more about the reasons why soft buckings seem to give me better performance. Been too long away from airsoft for this young gun ;)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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