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Recommended Buckings for 500-550FPS

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This is primarily for performance testing.

What bucking and/or nub would you recommend besides r-hop/er-hop?

I heard from some people that the Prometheus hard bucking and Firefly hard bucking is essentially the same. Is this true? If anyone uses or has used either one of these, could you share your experience please?
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I've got nineball and it's working great with shims (stock hopup chamber) for the arm and an m170 spring in me bar10.
Pretty much anything over 450-500fps get hard. I would have gotten firefly but I heard nineball was better. I also heard the stock bucking in the precision TM vsr hopup chamber was actually better than the nineball, but I haven't gotten a chance to test this.
By "whip" I think he means something along the lines of whipping a rope. Like how to tie off the end so it doesn't fray. I tie a bit of dental floss around the end of my bucking for a better seal on my well mb-10 because it is non-upgrade-able and it's not a fantastic bucking.

I don't have to tie or put teflon tape around my nineball bucking with my edgi barrel on my bar10 because it has an almost perfect seal. Is the nineball bucking hard or soft? I could only find one model and it didn't say.

I was doing a little browsing and found this: Couldn't believe my luck when I found it.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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