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Recon Sidearm - Why not blade?

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Hello, forum;

I've not made a thread since... ever. So I thought thought I may as well make one.

So, I'm planning on getting a sidearm for my sniping/recon role on my team. I was looking through my options, and I was just about to blow it and splurge on a custom M4 build. Until I realised -- hey, I'm a freaking sniper. Not a gunner. So I looked through all the pistols. As you may have figured out, all pistols are either GBB, EBB, gas non-blowback, or a springer. Gas is a hastle and is pretty freaking loud. Electric is loud and wouldn't be very efficent (usability wise, electric pistols, amirite?). All I'm left with is a plastic springer. No.

So I abandoned ship and browsed the interwebs to my heart's content. I watched some airsoft videos, and then finally came across some airsoft (rubber training) bayonets/knives. Then I found Cold Steel rubber brand training knives. Then I went to their website. I was pleased. Why not get some cool looking knives for a fun hobby to pwn some springer noobs with? I scrolled down. And there it was. A beautiful looking O Bokken (katana/ninja sword, for training). I immediately bookmarked it. Then I looked at the price tag. $50.00 (roughly). I almost peed my pants. I promptly went to the restroom and peed. A 55 inch FREAKING HIGH QUALITY KATANA FOR LOW MONIES! And a smaller and more usable version for only $30.00! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

In almost all situations you can down anyone near you, and anything too close is what a pistol is for, but those are loud. A katana to the neck isn't. Am I the only one who thinks these;

Bokken - Cold Steel Knives
O Bokken : Plastic Training Swords - Cold Steel Knives

Are worthy sidearms?!

I need to know if this would be a good choice or not.

I don't play on a field, I play on 4 acres of private property, so that's out of the way.
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I know people who carry around those foam Nerf tomahawk thingys. Not very practical but it's hilarious when they get a kill. A knife would be somewhat useful, if you're good enough to get that close to an enemy (or have one get close to you without you being seen).
Shoot someone from long distance or close up only? Seems like some room for error there. I would never limit myself to such close range. Also, most don't take too kindly to getting whacked with a rubber bar.
I say go GBB. A sidearm is there when you need it, not to get kills you don't need right now.

By the way, make an intro post.
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A melee weapon is for... melee distance. So you might find yourself in the situation where they are too far for your katana, yet too close for your sniper (MED).

I believe the most useful secondary weapon for a silent sniper role is a non-blowback, silenced gas gun. TM Mk-23 socom is probably the most used one, but any NBB (therefore, no noise form the mechanism) gas gun with a suppressor filled with some sort of foam (to lower the noise from the gas itself) would do.

Bear in mind that if you manage to get at katana range then you are probably also in a small knife / bayonet range, so those might be a more practical choice. Yet I have to admit, katanas have a great cool looking factor.
Rubiksklube and Dimitri, I understand the medium range thing, but I could realistically shoot them with the sniper if they're outside of the katana range. I could also, you know, move.

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It depends on what your FPS is, I guess. You could run a ~300-350 and have no MED, but if you're 400+ you wouldn't really want to make a sub 50 ft shot, And if you're within 50 feet and you're moving, they probably see you. :shrug:
I've got a gun around 400 fps, and, I mean, if they're sub 50, they're already asking for it.

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I always have a rubber knife on my rig and I've only gotten kills with it a handfull of times in 2 years. I have older models of the cold steel bokkens (training katanas) and I would not recommend them in a skirmish. They are made out of solid hard plastic and are pretty much indestructible. I would not want to get hit by one swung with any real force behind it. I'd much rather someone I didn't personally know come at me with a rubber or nerf weapon... though maybe I just don't trust people...

A pistol with only 5 yards of range has a huge advantage over point blank range especially when everyone else has a gun. It's really much more practical.

To each his own, but a sword is unpractical.
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I can't tell if you're serious or not. If so, that's kind of arrogant. You need to take other player's safety into your own hands.
It may be the fact that the last game I played was a few weeks ago, in the snow, with large amounts of snow gear on. And the fact I was forced into CQB by ignorant allies. However, most snipers' effective range is around 200yards, so why wouldn't 50 yards be safe? A welt on the belly isn't that bad.

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the sword idea is a bit unpractical, but none the less doable =\

I have a tm mk23 socom thats deadly quiet if you make a working suppressor
It would be fun to do but wouldn't be practical.
I always cary a rubber knife for knife kills beside my pistol. It's more for completing my gear because most of the times I just sneak up behind and fake choke them. When you hold the sword, you can't shoot.
Perhaps the smaller one for fun ;)
Forget the EBB pistols, as they are crap. What you want is the AEP (non blowback). Despite their small FPS capability, they have surprising range. And tuned properly, they can be made quiet :p.
You would actually be surprised with spring pistols. A guy on my sniper team had this spring 3.8 hi caps and together we took an entire base with over 15 people. 2 vs 15, springers vs AEG. We won.
Anyway, knives are nice to have when you sneak up and don't want to go loud. NBB pistols are amazing for their quiet sound. GBB pistols are a very nice back up to have, especially in the environment I play in where there and deep woods then small villages for fire fights.
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Make an intro post.
What Me?
Everytime someone says that I always think its me because it was so long ago...
Naw, you're good. I was referring to Max. But he made one now so it's fiiiine.
A gas pistol would be my choice. If they're close enough that you need to shoot them with it, then you've lost stealth. Besides, if have stealth somehow, then you can always choke them from behind. But it's nice to have some range.
I can understand a knife, but a sword?? Seriously?? I have a cold steel knife, had it since I started playing. I have only used it twice. my TM mk23... I have more kills with that then I do with both of my rifles combined.

Get a NBB pistol, or let them walk by and shoot them in the back or in in their rear.
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Seriously, a NBB gas gun with a working suppressor is all you really need. Then you can also carry a rubber bayonet or your katana just for the looks and perhaps some uber-awesome melee kills from time to time.
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