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Recon Sidearm - Why not blade?

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Hello, forum;

I've not made a thread since... ever. So I thought thought I may as well make one.

So, I'm planning on getting a sidearm for my sniping/recon role on my team. I was looking through my options, and I was just about to blow it and splurge on a custom M4 build. Until I realised -- hey, I'm a freaking sniper. Not a gunner. So I looked through all the pistols. As you may have figured out, all pistols are either GBB, EBB, gas non-blowback, or a springer. Gas is a hastle and is pretty freaking loud. Electric is loud and wouldn't be very efficent (usability wise, electric pistols, amirite?). All I'm left with is a plastic springer. No.

So I abandoned ship and browsed the interwebs to my heart's content. I watched some airsoft videos, and then finally came across some airsoft (rubber training) bayonets/knives. Then I found Cold Steel rubber brand training knives. Then I went to their website. I was pleased. Why not get some cool looking knives for a fun hobby to pwn some springer noobs with? I scrolled down. And there it was. A beautiful looking O Bokken (katana/ninja sword, for training). I immediately bookmarked it. Then I looked at the price tag. $50.00 (roughly). I almost peed my pants. I promptly went to the restroom and peed. A 55 inch FREAKING HIGH QUALITY KATANA FOR LOW MONIES! And a smaller and more usable version for only $30.00! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

In almost all situations you can down anyone near you, and anything too close is what a pistol is for, but those are loud. A katana to the neck isn't. Am I the only one who thinks these;

Bokken - Cold Steel Knives
O Bokken : Plastic Training Swords - Cold Steel Knives

Are worthy sidearms?!

I need to know if this would be a good choice or not.

I don't play on a field, I play on 4 acres of private property, so that's out of the way.
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I know people who carry around those foam Nerf tomahawk thingys. Not very practical but it's hilarious when they get a kill. A knife would be somewhat useful, if you're good enough to get that close to an enemy (or have one get close to you without you being seen).
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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