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Recon Sidearm - Why not blade?

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Hello, forum;

I've not made a thread since... ever. So I thought thought I may as well make one.

So, I'm planning on getting a sidearm for my sniping/recon role on my team. I was looking through my options, and I was just about to blow it and splurge on a custom M4 build. Until I realised -- hey, I'm a freaking sniper. Not a gunner. So I looked through all the pistols. As you may have figured out, all pistols are either GBB, EBB, gas non-blowback, or a springer. Gas is a hastle and is pretty freaking loud. Electric is loud and wouldn't be very efficent (usability wise, electric pistols, amirite?). All I'm left with is a plastic springer. No.

So I abandoned ship and browsed the interwebs to my heart's content. I watched some airsoft videos, and then finally came across some airsoft (rubber training) bayonets/knives. Then I found Cold Steel rubber brand training knives. Then I went to their website. I was pleased. Why not get some cool looking knives for a fun hobby to pwn some springer noobs with? I scrolled down. And there it was. A beautiful looking O Bokken (katana/ninja sword, for training). I immediately bookmarked it. Then I looked at the price tag. $50.00 (roughly). I almost peed my pants. I promptly went to the restroom and peed. A 55 inch FREAKING HIGH QUALITY KATANA FOR LOW MONIES! And a smaller and more usable version for only $30.00! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

In almost all situations you can down anyone near you, and anything too close is what a pistol is for, but those are loud. A katana to the neck isn't. Am I the only one who thinks these;

Bokken - Cold Steel Knives
O Bokken : Plastic Training Swords - Cold Steel Knives

Are worthy sidearms?!

I need to know if this would be a good choice or not.

I don't play on a field, I play on 4 acres of private property, so that's out of the way.
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Is a NBB Pistol better? can people compare it or post a link comparing the 2? like the TM NBB Mk23 and a TM desert eagle or something else.
Just do what I do and get yourself a lighsaber.
The bokken won't be allowed at any fields, because it isn't soft or made of rubber. It is either hard plastic or wood, and very dangerous. A soft hit would bruise and a strong one could break bone.

That said, I'd get it to mess around with outside of airsoft. Those things are really fun to play and spar with.
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I had a nerf knife that was for inside my pistol MED. Got a few kills with it, and would pull it out and have it at the ready when entering small structures and the like. I ended up losing it mid game and actually was trying to pull it out when a guy walked right over me inside my MED, but little did I know, the knife was no longer with me...I have only actually had to use it less than 5 times in about 5 years, but of course the game I lose it, I end up actually needing to use it.

Knives are very practical, and as long as they are field allowed, bring one, you never know when you actually will end up needing it. That is...nerf or foam or rubber ones...Real knives are for vegetation and shit.
My father and I are in a constant struggle to kill each other in creative ways when we are on opposing teams. These kills vary from game to game, from excessive automatic spraying to "bang bang" kills at the most inappropriate times. One game that comes to mind is when my father, out of ammo in his primary and sidearm, grabbed a foam covered piece of PVC and charged samurai style into a wall of enemy fire. 'Twas a valiant struggle.

Anyways, being a huge metal gear fan, I'm always trying to get stealth kills when I'm not sniping. I say, instead of bang banging someone, why not use a knife? It's always a good story and a boost for your ego. Knives, as opposed to a GBB or NBB, do not have range, which is where I think the whole "honor kill" thing comes from. Using one strictly as a secondary, though? I think that if you really want a secondary but can't afford a nice gas pistol, putting fifteen bucks down for a knife is the way to go. It's a fun alternative, but not really practical. I still carry one, though.
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Strange, it's the same for me. My hi-capa 1911 easily has the most kills for me.
My opinion is that you should buy it, cause I have one of those for Iaido.
They will not break no matter how much you abuse them!

However, if I saw you running towards me with one of those, I would happily shoot you inside MED. Repeatedly.
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