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Red River

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Anyone playing this game ?? The scout sniper is a blast. No pun intended.

Last night while playing a co-op game online, I accidentally picked up the scout rifle, while I was a grenadier. So I had my M4, w red dot and an M203, and An EBR M14 with 3x scope. LoL, to much fun. Unfortunatly I dont think I can create that combo without a battlefield pick up. Bur for me, it was awesome!
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Dragon rising had it's moments but I still give it a 1 overall.
I hate C0d as it is an absolute piece of (Excuse my french) Shit. It really is a terrible game. It has used the same engine for the past seven years, predictable story, gameplay and plot, copy and pasted style etc. it has no support for the fans, (Lag etc), the scripting is terrible and they spend one year on each game.

I like battlefield. A somewhat realistic and really fun game which actually has replayability. I can't wait till battlefield 3 comes out. I am sure red river is pretty fun though, assuming they made those improvements they were talking about. I actually like realism.

BTW no-one likes MOH. Still better then Crap-ops though.
Exactly, I can't even stress how much I hate cod and how stupid it is. I saw a funny comment on a Battelfield 3 trailer on you tube.

"Why is everyone always arguing about fish! If you don't like COD try Salmon" It was a rofl moment for me.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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