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Red River

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Anyone playing this game ?? The scout sniper is a blast. No pun intended.

Last night while playing a co-op game online, I accidentally picked up the scout rifle, while I was a grenadier. So I had my M4, w red dot and an M203, and An EBR M14 with 3x scope. LoL, to much fun. Unfortunatly I dont think I can create that combo without a battlefield pick up. Bur for me, it was awesome!
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Battlefield Bad Company 2, for the brief time I was able to play it, was the bees knees. Realistic game play, awesome fun sniping, and the use of squads made that game great. A lot of people thought it was boring, but those were the COD lovers that just wanted to duel weild their Magnums and jump off high buildings no scoping.

In Battlefield, you actually need tactics, and have to avoid running around in the open like a chicken with its head cut off if you plan on surviving past your stupid three killstreak crap.
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