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Red River

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Anyone playing this game ?? The scout sniper is a blast. No pun intended.

Last night while playing a co-op game online, I accidentally picked up the scout rifle, while I was a grenadier. So I had my M4, w red dot and an M203, and An EBR M14 with 3x scope. LoL, to much fun. Unfortunatly I dont think I can create that combo without a battlefield pick up. Bur for me, it was awesome!
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ya well, I hate COD and MOH, so I guess Im just in the minority. I like the level of realisim and the predetermined number of bad guys. I dont like continuous spawning of opfor untill I reach a checkpoint.

And I like the free form battlefield that allows me to solve the problem of enemy forces any way that I choose.

but eh, its not for everyone.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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