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I think it's foolish to buy a Redwolf Custom Gun for $800 and then upgrade it. That list of parts in the description is what they have already upgraded it with, you don't need to add anything. That's what makes it a custom gun.

Ok, now I've had my coffee and I understand what you're saying. Buying the Maruzen and upgrading yourself will add to your pride while ending up cheaper than the RWC. You will also have the stock back up parts to have on hand in case or to sell off and recoup some cash.

However, spending the little bit of extra money on the RWC will give you a guarantee. I'm not saying Redwolf has a warranty, but you can rest assured that it will perform the best possible, you won't have a gun that doesn't work for 3 months while you try to figure out how it all goes together again, and if something isn't right, they'll probably fix/replace it.

Either way, I think both guns will probably perform better than most airsofters have the ability to operate in the field.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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