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Redline N7 Inconsistency

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Today I finally was able to fill my tank for my N7 Milsim. When I began to chrono it, I set it to 80psi shooting .25s, and turned the hop all the way off (just to get an idea of where I should set my rig for its psi). The first few shots were great at 370ish, with a little inconsistency. After 5 or so, it jumped up to 412, then dropped down to 270. I sent several mags of bbs through with no change. I changed the psi to be higher (110) and lower (60) and there were still inconsistent jumps with sporadic bouts of 5ish shots of consistent FPS. I noticed that there seemed to be a little bit of lube coming out of the sides and tip of the nozzle from inside the engine and am wondering if I need to pull it apart and clean it. I called Amped Airsoft and their customer service guy I talked to said I could be pulling the trigger weird? He also couldn’t find a tech to help me so I am waiting on a call back.

Does anyone have any other ideas for me? I am running it on a AMPED Airsoft SLP tank (48/3000) and their SLP regulator.
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Thanks, I am taking it apart right now to clean it. I have heard mostly good things about the amped regulators and figured I can give it a shot. I am not super worried about the refresh rate as with the N7 Milsim I am limited to semi-only. I'll update this and see how it goes after taking it apart.

Update #1: it is apart, lube everywhere. Not a ton like in a cheap gearbox, but a fair amount covering everything.

How much lube should be appropriate inside the chamber?

Update #2: Everything has been wiped clean, I'll put it back together, hook it up and then see what come out. I do not own a chrono yet, but am about to order one online. I'll add a pic of the grease I pulled out of the nozzle.

Update #3: have put probably 100 shots through, no grease coming out of the nozzle or area around the nozzle. I will test this out the next time I have access to a chrono to see if I am still inconsistent.


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One thing I did not realize while chronoing my rifle but found out afterward while shooting it at home was that I was double feeding every so often. This would be the result of a bucking that was too loose in my hopup chamber. This would also explain my results when the FPS would dip by 100. I am ordering a new bucking soon (Prommy Purple), the ProWin HU chamber and a flat nub to get this thing shooting consistently. I also need to fill my tank. I have been experimenting with how to make it quieter, and just shooting it for fun.
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