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Redline N7 Inconsistency

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Today I finally was able to fill my tank for my N7 Milsim. When I began to chrono it, I set it to 80psi shooting .25s, and turned the hop all the way off (just to get an idea of where I should set my rig for its psi). The first few shots were great at 370ish, with a little inconsistency. After 5 or so, it jumped up to 412, then dropped down to 270. I sent several mags of bbs through with no change. I changed the psi to be higher (110) and lower (60) and there were still inconsistent jumps with sporadic bouts of 5ish shots of consistent FPS. I noticed that there seemed to be a little bit of lube coming out of the sides and tip of the nozzle from inside the engine and am wondering if I need to pull it apart and clean it. I called Amped Airsoft and their customer service guy I talked to said I could be pulling the trigger weird? He also couldn’t find a tech to help me so I am waiting on a call back.

Does anyone have any other ideas for me? I am running it on a AMPED Airsoft SLP tank (48/3000) and their SLP regulator.
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I am not a fan of those amped regulators. The refresh rate and general quality of it are inferior to pretty much all the other regulators on the market, even the older generation ninja LPR and firebase. That being said though, I don't think that's going to be the source of your issues. The lube coming out of the nozzle and engine are red flags for me. I'd take it apart and clean it. I'd also give your bucking a good wash after that too. I have a feeling that the lubricant from your nozzle got onto your bucking and is impacting your bb retention.
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