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Regulated CO2 rig

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After some research, I noticed that a lot of people really like Palmers stabilizers. I have seen these things;

And I was wondering if one of them would work, or if a few of them used in conjunction with one another would work, or if there are any better suggestions just in general.

NOTE: I own a KJW M700, if that makes a difference.
Any help is appreciated.
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It looks like they are for classics - is there a difference? Or can I just get one of those, a 20 oz CO2 bottle, tap my mag, and go?
I would just need fittings for the mag end, right?

Sorry if this is noobish or repetitive, it's just that money is a little tight, so I won't be able to get this for a while anyway.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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