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Regulated CO2 rig

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After some research, I noticed that a lot of people really like Palmers stabilizers. I have seen these things;

And I was wondering if one of them would work, or if a few of them used in conjunction with one another would work, or if there are any better suggestions just in general.

NOTE: I own a KJW M700, if that makes a difference.
Any help is appreciated.
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That will work but their regs are convoluted IMO. I don't see the point of a ASA On/Off when a valved quick disconnect fitting would do the same and would be quicker. I would not spend $100 ++ on an air rig for a CO2 adapter. Look into 13ci Ninja tanks if space is a problem. Mcmastercarr has a ton of parts if you want to build your own rig but Austinwolv on classic airsoft forums offers a very nice dual regulated air rig for $200 pre-built. There is a list of parts in this thread linked below. It should give you what you want plus some.
Yes, you can use it for both or what ever. I have even cleaned my PC fans with it.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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