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I had/have several Regulators in use. Redline FSR, Polarstar MSR, Wolverine Storm HP, Ninja LPR v2.
Out of all of them the Redline FSR had a slim edge on fps consistency while MSR and Storm come in a nicer form factor. I wouldnt buy the Ninja again as its not fully maintainable. Support from Redline & Polarstar was outstanding when i needed parts. Polarstar MSR is limited to 145PSI, Storm HP 200 PSI and Redline FSR comes at 145PSI max but can be upgraded to 200PSI.
Friend of mine uses a Mancraft Reg (early 2017 Version) he is is happy with it allthough there are some comments around the net about underperforming in fast semi auto shooting. So maybe its a QC issues and you can hit or miss with them.
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