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I am just a mere acolyte here for HPA regulators.

I stumbled into a GBBR SVD shooting 570 FPS plus a nice CO2 upgrade kit for my M82 Bolt Action, and considering how easy it is to put that onto HPA, or in my case, ideally regulated CO2... I was just looking for a cheap, small form factor reg.

M82 I had wanted to go in stock, and hopefully use up to a 90g CO2 system.

I get supposedly 0-300 PSI, they're 3000 psi ready, and mine were about $14 each with shipping.

They're almost small enough but look like they are what I needed.

I'm sure it will be what I need for the GBBR to dial it back since its about 20fps too hot, but I'm really curious about the consistency for the bolt action too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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