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Reinforced Gearbox

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Ok guys, lets hear what everyone thinks about this one...

As everyone knows, and one has felt ;), I have my CA SPR that I just got. I really love this rifle!! I ended up using it more than my CA M24 today during a game.

I have done a little to the rifle, but nothing major or anything in regards to the gear box. I have stabilized the inner barrel, and am planning on on stabilizing the outer barrel inside of the tube as well. That will be apart of the winter projects that I am going to do.

So this is my question to you guys......

Has anyone got a systema gear box in there rifle, and how does it perform? I am planning on getting this rifle to 500-550 fps, so that would be the gearbox with the M150 spring. I am trying to find if the gears are the high torque, and need to find a motor that will work.

I know there are a few different gear boxes at the moment.
There is the Systema Complete gear box, the Revolution, as well as the Systema Energy.

So here is my question to you guys.......

1. Which one of the above would be the better choice?
2. Which one will last the longest?
3. What type of motor would be needed?
4. Would I be able to use a 7.4 v lipo in them and have no problems?
5. I would obviously use Duttons semi auto only mod to her, so no worries there.

I know the revolution gear box is awesome! I have found it in a few places, but have heard that you need the Systema hop chamber to use it. But the one good thing about it is that it comes with the motor, and a mosfett. Now this is on the high side of range, but I can eat Ra-man noodles for a while to get her bought.

If there are any other gearboxes that you guys can suggest, let me know. I would also like to hear anything you guys can tell me about the Matrix 8mm gearbox. Of course in the same FPS as the systema.

I would like this rifle to be done by spring next year. So I can use the rifle at my large game.

Thanks in advance guys, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
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Yeah... not really a Systema fan....I just know that they have a complete gear set, along with a motor and what not already.

But if there are others on the market that are good and will hold up for a long time, please let me know.

I can't wait Dutton, should be nothing but good stuff.

If the matrix is a decent gearbox, minus the wiring, that is something I can deal with. I have more than enough wire to redo that part of it. That and for the price... you really can't beat that. That and being the first upgraded gearbox I will ever own, that may be the best bet. And slowly upgrade as things go on her.
Yeah I am going to be doing a ton of reading.

I am wanting this thing to be a darn tank of a gear box. As I had more fun using my SPR than I did using the M24 ;) I think reading through all of Vindi's stuff has converted me

I do know that I need to get the torque up gears, as well as a high torque motor. The rest of the stuff I am sure I can find here in the forums.

The thing that is really confusing me is that there is so much info, and so little, about a reinforced gearboxes that I am so lost and confused. I know that the box itself can either make or brake the build, so to get the right one is crucial.

Thanks again guys...

* This is what I am reading now.... ***
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I was looking at that same gearbox to be honest.

Couldn't find anything out about it. Is there anyway to get some pics of the rifle with the internals and everything like that?
Ahhh ....

Yeah I have heard that they are cast, and then milled. But everyone that has claimed this doesn't have the gearbox. So is there any truth to this?
Thanks for the great write up man.

Yeah the rifle would be used quite a bit, and will probably become my primary over time. So if I need to spend a little more in the rifle right away, the long term cost will be alot cheaper.

Again thanks for the write up and can't wait to see what others have to say.


Well like the post above says.... But if something happens where we don't need to replace it, then all funds will go toward this rifle. I will get this thing shooting like a beast by next summer!!


OK been looking at what metallic has posted, and started to think about the self built gearboxes. Is there one that would work, and would stand up to just semi auto just fine? I know with the self builds you can choose what parts you want in them and you can make sure of the quality. But if you had to choose a pre-made box, which would be acceptable to use?

Just trying to narrow down the field a little bit, and wasting time during my lunch at work
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Thanks for the AWESOME write up Dutton!!!!

I am not to sure if I am wanting to buy the gearbox, or get the parts and make put her together together.

I am really leaning toward putting it together myself. That and like stated before, would be fun to do it and I would learn a ton when doing it this way.

It is sounding like I should start with the gearbox shell, get a high torque motor, and then look at the rest of the internals.

One question that I did have...... what is the difference between a full tooth piston and a half tooth piston? And what kind of difference does it make in all honesty.

I am slowly doing some small things on the rifle while I wait for some funds. I found an older suppressor that I fit to the rifle, it now the float tube is supported by the suppressor and attached to the barrel
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Thanks for the clear up Dutton.

I am leaning towards building a gearbox myself. Would be alot more fun, and will give me something to do durring the winter months.

Keep all the great info coming guys!

Thanks again

Thanks for that guys! I really enjoy reading when people show there "proof" so to say. It not only makes for a good read, but you get to see both sides of the situation.

Yeah I am going to go with a build. Going to slowly buy the components and go from there.

So now here is my next question...... I just sold my SCUBA tank and I have $200 sitting in my paypal account, as well as another $80 in my account that I can use for the build. So what way should I go?

Should I save up a little more, by the sale of the M24 to get a revolution, or should I get the parts and then build it up when I can.

So what way should I go?
Use stock gearbox, and upgrade other parts, or what....
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LOL ....

Thanks man, will have to see what happens here the next few days. Going to need some funds to fix some things around the house here. So this rifle may be sold a well.....but we shal see.
Yeah I would be willing to do that for the rifle..... just not the car ;)
*** GOOD NEWS ****

Build is back on!!!!!

No problem rag, don't worry about it.

But I just partially sold my M700, so when that sale goes through I should have enough, with those funds and those in my paypal, to get everything that I need for the build.

So that is good news. Now just need to get it figured as to what I want to get. So much good news on here, that I need to go over it all and do some major thinking.

Thanks to all who have input and all the help... And don't' stop giving it
Need all I can get!
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And what am I to look at on that site ;)
OK well this is what I have now guys.....

I have gotten a Systema M130 spring from a fellow member here on the site. So I have taken apart the rifle for a good going over and over all clean up.

The motor is a CA High Torque motor, the piston is completely polycarb, wiring and everything else looks to be very nice. The gears have CA GEARSET stamped on them.

Now I was digging through my junk drawer and I found a spare cylinder in there. Though this cylinder has elongated holes in it?
What is the point of this cylinder? and would it be good to use in this build?

And should I be looking at getting a full metal piston?
Full tooth rack on the piston or half tooth?
And what are the pros and cons of this?

I am just wondering now how long this piston will last with the stronger spring in her.
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Got ya .... didn't know what they were called, so couldn't find any info on them.

This thread has turned into a wealth of knowledge!

Well I got everything into the rifle and went to take a few test shots..... and nothing. I can hear the motor trying to turn but nothing. So the first thing I thought was that I hooked the motor up backwards. So I switched the leads and tried again, again nothing. So now I am wondering if it is the motor or the battery, so some more looking and parts buying.

Any clues or anything?

Yes this is in another thread as well, but figured put it in here to keep the info in one area.
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