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Reinforced Gearbox

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Ok guys, lets hear what everyone thinks about this one...

As everyone knows, and one has felt ;), I have my CA SPR that I just got. I really love this rifle!! I ended up using it more than my CA M24 today during a game.

I have done a little to the rifle, but nothing major or anything in regards to the gear box. I have stabilized the inner barrel, and am planning on on stabilizing the outer barrel inside of the tube as well. That will be apart of the winter projects that I am going to do.

So this is my question to you guys......

Has anyone got a systema gear box in there rifle, and how does it perform? I am planning on getting this rifle to 500-550 fps, so that would be the gearbox with the M150 spring. I am trying to find if the gears are the high torque, and need to find a motor that will work.

I know there are a few different gear boxes at the moment.
There is the Systema Complete gear box, the Revolution, as well as the Systema Energy.

So here is my question to you guys.......

1. Which one of the above would be the better choice?
2. Which one will last the longest?
3. What type of motor would be needed?
4. Would I be able to use a 7.4 v lipo in them and have no problems?
5. I would obviously use Duttons semi auto only mod to her, so no worries there.

I know the revolution gear box is awesome! I have found it in a few places, but have heard that you need the Systema hop chamber to use it. But the one good thing about it is that it comes with the motor, and a mosfett. Now this is on the high side of range, but I can eat Ra-man noodles for a while to get her bought.

If there are any other gearboxes that you guys can suggest, let me know. I would also like to hear anything you guys can tell me about the Matrix 8mm gearbox. Of course in the same FPS as the systema.

I would like this rifle to be done by spring next year. So I can use the rifle at my large game.

Thanks in advance guys, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
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Woogie, I can't offer much information on the Systema gearboxes, but I have a little bit of information on the Matrix 8mm gearbox. I have heard that they are pretty good gearboxes to start with, but you have to work on them a little bit. Many people have said that their trigger contacts have melted within 1000 rounds going through the gearbox. I'm not sure why this is, but I would thing it is due to cheap wiring. The internals seem to be alright in them from what I hear though, except for the wiring.

I hope some of this helps.
I don't know much about the cylinder, but I looked it up for you. It seems that ported cylinders are used for lower power springs and higher ROF setups. It allows the piston to accelerate faster. If you use a ported cylinder in your SPR it could drop the amount of air pushed by the piston and cause Barrel Suck which would lower your FPS, so I wouldn't use the ported cylinder.

As for the piston, I have a full rack of teeth in my piston, but the piston itself is polycarb. The half teeth and full teeth are for different gear sets. If you have flat gears, you use full teeth pistons. If you have helical gears you use half tooth pistons.

The advantages of helical gears are: They tend to be quieter, more stable, and more reliable. But they are notoriously hard to shim. They have to be shimmed perfectly. Helical gears are most suited for higher torque setups.

Flat gears are easier to shim, but are louder. If shimmed properly they should be just as reliable as helical gears with a m130 setup.

If everything is shimmed up good, a polycarb piston could last a good amount of time if you are only using semi-automatic. But I have no experience with CA parts. Also if you upgrade to a metal tooth piston I would swiss cheese the piston, to cut a little bit of weight off. I haven't done this with my piston yet, but I have heard if done correctly it can improve performance slightly.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you for clearing that up Dutton. Your information is a lot better.
What voltage battery are you using?

I had to bump up to a 9.6v to turn over my M130 spring. But from what I heard from the tech at the airsoft store I go to G&G has really beefed up their stock engines, but he said it wouldn't be able to turn over a heavier spring. It might be good if you get your hands on a used torque up motor, just to try things out. If the motor is trying but can't turn over the spring, it either needs a higher voltage supply, or it needs a different motor.

I have heard good things about the Matrix Magnum motor and they aren't too terribly expensive. And if you are going to step up to a lipo, it may be a good idea to get a mosfet for your SPR. I was thinking about moving to the lipo system a while back, but decided not to because I didn't have the funds to get everything needed.

Hope this helps.
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