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Reinforced Gearbox

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Ok guys, lets hear what everyone thinks about this one...

As everyone knows, and one has felt ;), I have my CA SPR that I just got. I really love this rifle!! I ended up using it more than my CA M24 today during a game.

I have done a little to the rifle, but nothing major or anything in regards to the gear box. I have stabilized the inner barrel, and am planning on on stabilizing the outer barrel inside of the tube as well. That will be apart of the winter projects that I am going to do.

So this is my question to you guys......

Has anyone got a systema gear box in there rifle, and how does it perform? I am planning on getting this rifle to 500-550 fps, so that would be the gearbox with the M150 spring. I am trying to find if the gears are the high torque, and need to find a motor that will work.

I know there are a few different gear boxes at the moment.
There is the Systema Complete gear box, the Revolution, as well as the Systema Energy.

So here is my question to you guys.......

1. Which one of the above would be the better choice?
2. Which one will last the longest?
3. What type of motor would be needed?
4. Would I be able to use a 7.4 v lipo in them and have no problems?
5. I would obviously use Duttons semi auto only mod to her, so no worries there.

I know the revolution gear box is awesome! I have found it in a few places, but have heard that you need the Systema hop chamber to use it. But the one good thing about it is that it comes with the motor, and a mosfett. Now this is on the high side of range, but I can eat Ra-man noodles for a while to get her bought.

If there are any other gearboxes that you guys can suggest, let me know. I would also like to hear anything you guys can tell me about the Matrix 8mm gearbox. Of course in the same FPS as the systema.

I would like this rifle to be done by spring next year. So I can use the rifle at my large game.

Thanks in advance guys, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
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Ohh boy, another Systema fan.... ::) Lets just go with this, there are far better parts on the market than systema.

GB: Bravo 8mm Box, I think it comes bushings
Bushings: Either Prommy, or another reputable company as ACM bushings can be iffy, just don't use bearings.
Piston: Prommy Hard, but swiss cheesing should be done to lighten the moving mass.
Cylinder: Pick your flavor, just stay away from Element and 5KU, I like Gaurder and JBU, pick your flavor.
Spring Guide: I like JBU again, your flavor.
Cylinder and Piston Head: Tirador's 3G Duo Set, it's also sorbo so you have extra gearbox protection.
Gears: Go Riot, or go SHS/XYT/JG as the newer ones are very good.
Motor: Get one of the China Motors. They'll equal the Bravo and Systema Magnums/Torques at a fraction of a cost, and will have the correction that the Systema Magnums need.
Spring: I like Gaurder and Prommy.

Switch: The stock one should be fine, just clean off the contacts.
MOSFET: Go with a HS Armouries Fet. They are no-frills pure protection Fet that don't take a bite out of the bill.
Wiring: Go with standard 16 AGW.
Connectors: Go with deans ultra, simple as that.
Lipo protection: PWD Boards are a must, they are highly programmed to give only true results. The other lipo testers aren't truly designed for airsoft use.

Also, you CANNOT lego build this. You have to tune. Take more time with this than you do with all of your rifles combined. The batteries, if you do most of the electrical and drive train right a 14.8v lipo will be no problem. If you have any more questions or where to find these items, let me know I'll help you out.
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The problem I have with Matrix, as it is from Evike (they're getting better) and it's ACM. A freind of mine on a different forum had an estimated .3-5mm deviation on the bushing holes which is extremely bad. The list I gave you was with what I could think of and what I would use. I also can't wait for Duttons info. Plus, when you build a gearbox from scratch, you learn about what goes on and could show you the weaknesses of the system.
The china gearboxes that are cnc'ed, are cast and then machined just FYI.
Woogie, I'm gonna invite you over to ASM. There are wealths of AEG knowledge on there. One of my buddies has ran 700fps at 35rps with an AEG, and pushed 70rps @ 350fps. Yeah, he's that hardcore. I would personally never go with a premade box as there overly expensive and you have to open it up and redo everything once you get it. Dutton, I have to disagree with you on the Systema Magnum, they are giant pieces of poo-poo. If you wan't links let me know. If you get a Tirador Sorbo kit like I recommended, you could push an M150 on full auto with an aluminum piston head or so I've heard. I will warn you though, that you will never experience the same accuracy you had with any of your rifles, and that if you can afford it, I'd personallly go with a 400fps build and tune it to hit 200' so you can still spray on auto
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Ok I see where your coming from, but if you must insist EF Fet's are pretty rock solid along with the Teinly Motors ;) Not to stretch it further, but I wouldn't even consider the magnum.
Woogie, first thing you should do is get a new box. The reason is that if I'm not mistaken, the box in the CA has gear reinforcements which makes it difficult to use torque-up gears. I'd personally look at a G&P or a Bravo for a box if they're compatable. This way, you will modify your parts to the gearbox and not vice versa. Get some high quality bushings. Kanzens are too weak from what I'm told and have seen. I like the Modify Tempered SS bushings. Then go with the gears. Here's how I look at the gear situation. Go cheap enough that if they fail, you can replace them, or go high end and so you don't have to replace them, ie: SeigeTek Concepts. Then, move to the electrical parts of your gearbox, as all of this does no good if you put it together and then realise you forgot to connect something, or there is a lot of resistance. Wiring is a pretty conformed concept as a Fet, Deans, and 16 AGW or bigger wiring. I will say though don't get a Systema box as, eventually you'll have to replace the gears, piston, and piston head, and other bits and pieces in them. The motor is really up to you, but a JG M42 or M93 motor will do you all you need and their normally availible for less than fifty USD. Meh, I need to stop procrastinating my homework.
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If you read through the thread you should know it's some sort of V2.
Mainly at the Sorbo stuff, though they do have access to anything from TM if you may need it. Plus they'll find things that they don't have for you.
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