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reliable websites

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Is a reliable website? It says its based in a store in california, but I have placed two orders from there in the past 8 days, and have received nothing. Is this just because Im located on the geographic opposite of the continental U.S?
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Sometimes they do not send info after you make an order. Did the same thing to my friend last week, you should see your package shortly.
Yes evike is trustworthy. They are a very large retailer and I have ordered many things from them. You'll be good.
personally I have had horrible experiences with evike and I refuse to order from them
I ordered a TSD SD98(Tan) and they gave me a WELL MB06(Black) and a Echo 1 upgrade kit. I am furious! I used to use evike when I needed to. No more.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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