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Remote surveillance camera?

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Ok being a bit of a tech nerd I came up with a project for the larger airsoft games, such as Berget and Border Wars.

A remote controlled video surveillance camera, that has enough battery power to last up to approx 3 days that can be accessed from any IP/web enabled device on the battlefield.

The concept would be that a sniper/someone who can stalk would sneak up to a key intel point such as the enemy base or a target that is going to be assaulted, the camera would be placed in a good overwatch position and then anyone can view the feed from a laptop back in base or an iPhone/Android Phone while in the field.

Basically from you guys, I want some feedback, good idea bad idea? Ideas? Things that would be useful to have integrated, things I may be missing. Just general info before I set off building this.
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Well I wanted to build something like this too but advanced -> P90 AEG mounted on a Speedome with autotracking but stailed the project. I have worked in the CCTV branch for many years ago (manufacture)

You have to consider that the IR-LEDs from the cameras are visible with bare eyes. If a enemy have a nightvision he would see the camera from miles away. Also consider to buy a camera which have a feature called antivandal other else your camera will get damaged if someone shoot it with high fps.
I won`t recommend you to buy a speeddome (pan-tilt) cause you will need a huge power source for 3 days of operation. If you stll want to buy then buy with SONY FCB modules.
Also search for a camera with motion detection feature -> if motion is detected he will take several action -> trigger the Alarm I/O or ftp/email notification.

If you have any other question feel free to ask

BTw: Where you PAZ or TaskForce?
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oh sorry..didn`t checked the dates since I only click on "new post" and Borderwar where just few weeks ago ;)
sorry to say that but you are not better...
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