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Remote surveillance camera?

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Ok being a bit of a tech nerd I came up with a project for the larger airsoft games, such as Berget and Border Wars.

A remote controlled video surveillance camera, that has enough battery power to last up to approx 3 days that can be accessed from any IP/web enabled device on the battlefield.

The concept would be that a sniper/someone who can stalk would sneak up to a key intel point such as the enemy base or a target that is going to be assaulted, the camera would be placed in a good overwatch position and then anyone can view the feed from a laptop back in base or an iPhone/Android Phone while in the field.

Basically from you guys, I want some feedback, good idea bad idea? Ideas? Things that would be useful to have integrated, things I may be missing. Just general info before I set off building this.
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Guys, check the dates. (I'd just like to point out that if you go to 940nm IR (think it was 940 anyway) the human eye can no longer See it. It's only at 850nm that you can see a red glow)
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