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Remote surveillance camera?

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Ok being a bit of a tech nerd I came up with a project for the larger airsoft games, such as Berget and Border Wars.

A remote controlled video surveillance camera, that has enough battery power to last up to approx 3 days that can be accessed from any IP/web enabled device on the battlefield.

The concept would be that a sniper/someone who can stalk would sneak up to a key intel point such as the enemy base or a target that is going to be assaulted, the camera would be placed in a good overwatch position and then anyone can view the feed from a laptop back in base or an iPhone/Android Phone while in the field.

Basically from you guys, I want some feedback, good idea bad idea? Ideas? Things that would be useful to have integrated, things I may be missing. Just general info before I set off building this.
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Current plan is:

Pelican 1450 Case

2x18000MAh 12v Li-On Battery
5v down step for POE to camera
Low Power routerboard with 11dbi antennas
Neutrik Ethercon for IP67 rated POE cabling to

A choice of either a IR Illuminated Bullet cam for more night orientated work


A Pan/Tilt/Zoom dome camera for daylight operations.

Both the case and the camera will be painted. The bullet camera will have a rifle style ghillie cover and the case will have elastic for attaching to vegetation, or due to its everything proof nature for very long missions it could be partially buried without being worried about moisture or anything getting in.

The camera can be located up to 30m from the transmission case in order to be able to have the camera near a roadside and the case further back in denser brush due to its size.
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That's an awesome idea and I'd love to see it but... Only 30m away?! Can you increase that 100-150m?

No no 30m from the camera to transmission box, and then anywhere from 300-3000m from transmission box to viewing client (Phone/Laptop/Computer) The viewing range would vary depending on terrain, less in dense woodland and greater in open areas.

The reason for keeping the camera and the transmission equipment separate is generally you would want to keep the camera on its own and concealed as its relatively small(Size of a large soda can), where the transmission equipment is larger and more likely to be seen(Size of a small suitcase), being able to have the transmission box further away from the camera allows it to be concealed easier.
Necroing my own thread, I am still working on this, just work got in the way for a while, I have a lot of the components purchased, just need some final bits from China and then I can begin range testing,
I honestly wouldnt have the time but I'll be putting up all the components needed and instructions for making one so that you can do your own.
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