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Removing a inner barrel from a mk23 clone silencer?

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I got a STTI MK23 Socom Silent Assassin a while ago and am thinking of running a vsr gspec barrel through the silencer.

One problem - I can't work out how to remove the inner barrel from the silencer.

I have heard of it being done but can't work it out.

Any one know if its threaded and if so which way?

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So I found the answer.

TL;DR: Watch the video -VIDEO

I may be necro-ing an old thread but this is one of the first things you see after trying to google how to remove the barrel, so an answer here might actually be useful to a whole lot of people trying to get rid of the barrel.

An STTI/ASG version of the silencer barrel isn’t threaded, it sits in the silencer on a spring, and can be removed by removing the front part of the silencer (as opposed to rear part, that can be unscrewed on Tokyo Marui version of the silencer).

There's a small groove near the front of a barrel, where the front piece is glued to the main body. You have to carefully remove the piece using knife or a similar tool, getting rid of the glue.

It takes a fair amount of time (took me about an hour). Please note that while trying to remove the front piece, you will 100% do some damage to the silencer, effectively voiding the warranty for the pistol.

When you're finished, the front piece should come off and can be reinserted. So you can fill the silencer with foam pads (it’s a mock silencer, so it’s empty) and use the front piece again without the need of glue.

Finished removal should look like this:
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Removing the inner barrel from an MK23 clone silencer may or may not be a good choice depending on the purpose and intended use of the airsoft gun. If the inner barrel is removed, the silencer will no longer function as a suppressor and will only serve as a cosmetic accessory. This may be desirable for players who prioritize the appearance of their airsoft gun over its performance, or for those who prefer to use a shorter barrel length for maneuverability. However, removing the inner barrel can negatively impact the accuracy and range of the airsoft gun, as the inner barrel plays a key role in guiding the BB and ensuring its trajectory. If precision and consistency are important factors in the gameplay, it is generally recommended to keep the inner barrel intact and avoid removing it from the silencer.
Actually in this case it’s not a half bad idea to remove the inner barrel from the suppressor, as the quality control is on the lower side with this particular brand and model, resulting in the gun’s inner barrel is not precisely aligned with the suppressor’s inner barrel and is known to cause accuracy issues.
Mind just came off at the endcap, so it"s glued on, too. The pipe is made out of two pieces glued together. I took the front piece of and have now appx. half the lenght. Filled with scotchbrite and closed cell foam washers the short or long configuration are equally silent, so I only use the stubby one.
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