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So there has been this Fortress M40A3 stock floating around that some members have tried fixing. For about two years now this stock has been out of commission, its a $300 paperweight Embed bought for $40 I think?

Anyways, it had been sitting in my closet for a couple months while Embed was away at school. Its most recent attempt at repair from the previous owner included, two weak plastic plates on the inside held with screws tapped from the outside, then relatively neatly sanded over with epoxy.

I started off with taking everything apart and sanding it back to the bare plastic in the affected area. This included removing the plastic plates, and the screws that held them in place.

With the original plastic plates removed, I made identical ones with some scrap aluminum I had. Once I carefully drilled the holes in the exact same spots, I tapped them for the original screws. The aluminum plates are thinner for the trigger housing to fit. If these don't work, I've got steel that will hold for a long time.

With the aluminum plates made they were a breeze to install, using the original screws with the proper bevel, held very well. This stock is on its way to being reborn.

With a good JB weld job filling the crack, and covering the screws, its incredibly sturdy. Some clone donor receiver filling the spot.

All that's left is repairing the trigger guard, I think I will probably modify a metal one to it. Then fine sanding and paint, shouldn't be long until its a useful stock again.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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