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Replacement trigger compatibility

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I sold my stock maruzen trigger a while back under the impression that I'd never need it again
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I actually had an additional question just in general about replacement mechs.

If I do get this trigger, what am I going to want to replace in it? Will a simple trigger sear replacement last me a while (we're talking a couple months here), and how hard is it to do? Trigger mechs are my weak point as far as the L96 is concerned
Eh the replacement trigger was cheap ($12), I just went ahead and did it yesterday so I can have it for the weekend's game. Tell ya what, I'll let you know if something other than the trigger sear breaks on me so I can get the replacement. ;)

I'm still miffed a (now $185) part got lost in the mail, but I'm dealing. I've had this rifle for quite a while and it took a lot of adjustment but it hasn't treated me wrong the past few games I've brought it to (although those were last summer, it's been out of commission for a WHILE). I think I got my "perfect setup"...for the time being.

You won't go wrong with the Maruzen.
You sure got a gem of a stock UTG hop up if you're hitting 9/10 at 200'.

All true. If you're going to replace EVERYTHING on the rifle the UTG is great. You can do enough work on the stock that it feels the same. The maruzen outer barrel, receiver, and bolt handle are also better quality and people usually don't bother replacing those, keep that in mind.

At this point it would have been smarter for me to get a UTG but I have the comfort of knowing that my rails are rock solid, my bolt handle won't shatter, and my stock still feels better. So I'm not complaining overly much.

G-spec is the most popular current platform for a reason
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Just a status update. Got the replacement stock trigger and PDI sears and she works like a charm. Easier to fix/replace now too, and I won't lose $190 the next time USPS decides to crap out on me.
Hey sorry I didn't get back to you, there's been so much activity on the boards lately that I didn't realize you'd posted. Thanks so much for pointing that out, it saved me

I just used the L96 at a game, and I'd been doing some target shooting to get her sighted in. 500 shots fired perhaps, and still working great (in fact, I was literally the hand of god at the last game--assassination missions galore, and once I had the rifle sighted in I barely missed a shot). At least I know that those mods (which I've been doing the past few months but haven't had a chance to test without a trigger group) worked like a charm.

I'm using the UTG stock trigger and the PDI trigger sear. I got the sear off of, and I didn't bother to replace the first sear or the piston sear, and everything's working fine. I'll let you know if/when it breaks, but I'm very happy with this. Especially because I can actually replace parts when this breaks as opposed to the zero trigger, which gave me nothing but trouble once that small spring broke.

I ordered a backup UTG trigger as well, to replace parts other than the PDI sear when they eventually break. I never fired a single shot using the stock trigger sear so I couldn't tell you how that will work for you. In a 45 degree trigger system the trigger sear takes the most stress, though.
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