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Replacement trigger compatibility

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I sold my stock maruzen trigger a while back under the impression that I'd never need it again
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If you looking at replacing all the internals, you dont NEED to buy the maruzen...

I went and got the utg stock rifle for like 150 bucks and then just replaced almost every part. The only advantage to the maruzen is the metal internals but when you replace everything... no point in spending all the $ for parts youll throw away...

my utg has worked fine and i havnt even finished upgrading it yet. with a crappy hop up I was still accuratly hitting out to 225-250ft..

I could hit a torso sized target at 200ft 9/10 times and at 300ft hit a person about 1/2-3 times...

Im sure those numbers are not that impressive but considering the little cash I have put into my gun I think they are pretty good results...

Im sure you already know all this though.. Maruzen are overrated unless comparing stock to stock but it costs about double.. your choice..

hows your mk96 treatin ya? you say shoots like a dream?
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so you ordered the UTG trigger I showed you? Can you link me where you ordered the PDI sears? Def need a new trigger box.. hoping this will be a good cheap fix
How did this end up working out for you? I just ordered my trigger so im gonna see how it holds up... any comments on how many shots youve fired so far and if its still working?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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