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Replacing Stock Grips.

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Hey there guys, just a few questions I wanted to throw out there before I rip my hair out :mad:

I've been trying to find replacement grips for the stock ones my G&G M14 EBR. Specifically, I am looking for the sniper style grips that were first introduced with the PSG-1, they look like this:

I have seen two on Evike and various other sites that are made to attach to a m4/m16, and are made to house a motor. The M14 motor is housed in an awkward position ahead of the collapsible stock, therefore I do not need a motor in the grip.

Either way, my biggest concern is that I need to find something that will fit with little modification. The stock grips are EXTREMELY flush and solidly attached and I would like to retain that aspect. There is not a smidgen of a wobble on this guns stock grips. My only problem is in the ergonomics. The trigger is placed pretty far up on the receiver. Also, the grips are just too darn big and placed at an uncomfortable angle. It really kill my hand after shooting for so long.

Any suggestions would be considered!
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Maybe a real steel version would be narrower. I don't know. Good luck with it though. The Cyma M14 Mod uses a real steel m4 style grip.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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