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Replica shots from Va game 7-14

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Hey guys

My friends and I went out for a game earlier today and I just wanted a few staged shots of the DMR/Sniper rifles, so here they are:

Cyma SVD
G&G G96
Well G36 GBB
A&K SR25
Well L96 (Tan)

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Nice. Love that SVD. Did you manage to get any in game pics?
I second that! Great looking Svd buddy. All the rifles look nice, does the black 96 have a sort of texture to the material or paint? I see like a gritty grip spray. If so,I like it.... If not, I still like it,lol..
No in game pics unfortunately. All I had was my cell, and as much as I hate the phone, I wasnt about to break it getting some epic shots. Plus I was to busy playing lol. I promise to get some more in the future though. Its easier on a private course where rules (and people) arn't as touchy.

The SVD is actually my friend's first time using it. He had the G96 (Black l96) which he sold to my other friend to fund the SVD. It is one HELL of a beastly weapon too. It shoots hard, doesnt weigh a ton and has a dead quiet motor. He was running with .3's and was getting solid 150/200 foot shots in its stock performance. Im trying to convince him to make the furniture OD to blend in to the foliage a bit more, plus it would look even sexier.

The G96(Black) has a mainly matte/rough surface. Its beyond comfortable both ergonomically and texture wise. Think about the stock on an M16: It has a similar feel to that. It weighs a lot, but never feels over encumbering. Its solid and by far one of the most realistic feeling rifles out there. This was my friend's first endevour into airsoft and he picked a difficult rifle to run (Gas and Bolt action) but he kicked some major butt and now I have him hooked!

The SR 25 is a beast as well. That is my one and only rifle. It has a nice weight but again its just plain solid feeling. Im running it stock right now and out shooting the SVD by at least 50 feet. There's not much else to say other than its drop dead gorgeous. Im debating weather I should strip some of the paint, prime it and than tan it up for a more M110 feel. Hmmmmmm

The G36 is my last friend's (Friend number 3) and there isnt much to say other than its frightening. 500+ FPS and blow back...yeah not messing with that!
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Was it just the 5 of you or did you have other players?

I like 2 tone or just tan/DE guns so I say strip her down and paint her.

Same goea for the SVD. If you can find someone around that does hydro dipping or water transfer you could always go that route.
Nice shots man!

Thanks guys love you raptor... its my SVD by the way.
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The suppressor was indeed carbon fiber.

We went down with 3 (Myself with the SR25, and 2 friends with the SVD and G96), hoping it was going to be a decent turn out. Ended up being around 15 or 20 people which was enough to get a decent game on a small course. About 5 minutes after we showed up, an old friend that I played with 2 or so years ago popped in (The WE G36). I had no idea he was coming and damn glad we could catch up and play a few games together.

Out of all of us, he was the most tactical. Head to toe he just looked bad ass, especially when next to the rest of us with our meager load outs.

There were a few other players that I got to know and become friends with, but unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to get to know each other or our load outs well.

Which brings me to my next point *CAUTION: RANT AHEAD*

Ok so I have been in and out of the airsoft community for quite some time now, and over all I love the attitude and passion that a lot of players have, but I honestly can not STAND fully sanctioned fields. I have been to Blackstone and now New Kent paintball games and although the fields are nice and the owners are pleasant, I get a completely different feel from private games.

When I mean private, I mean a small field on someone's property that usually doesn't cost a lot and is more played down than some of the big boys. Its not the field that makes it good but more the players. I get a certain "brotherhood" feel when I show up to these private matches. Everyone walks around, makes friends and talk about their gear, their past games, and their lives. It just creates a bit more of a connection with who you play with than just that one random dude with desert camo.

I personally just feel like these bigger fields that are more well known bring in the immature individuals that care about nothing other than competition. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE competition but I care more about your fellow players and what makes them play the way they play. Shoot the gun they shoot. And make them who they are. I dunno, maybe I enjoy talking and sharing stories as much as I like shooting. It just kind of brings everyone's interests and hobbies together where you feel like you're part of something bigger.

Hell maybe im just too damn extroverted or in the MAJOR minority. But thats how I see things.


But anyway, thanks for checking out my photos. Im hoping to get out there more this summer and get a few better shots, I just need to get something better than my Droid Razr :)
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Very nice guns. Love to see more people drinking the "drink of the gods" aka Mtn. Dew
Oh I thought it was Budweiser!

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Your goggles also seems to have nice fog on them=D
Your goggles also seems to have nice fog on them=D
Well the rain came up on us quick, so the humidity just flew up. Then some thunder and lightning all fun.
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