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just read the stick so thought i would add the full listing as asked

Name Peter

Callsign: Bitchtits

Ive been airsofting for over 10 years,well before airsoft hit the masses. I started using a boltaction rifle with a year and have ever since. Aegs tend to be bought and sold within weeks.
I worked for one of the largest airsoft retailers in the UK for a year,but left soon after.ive no military involvement,but have done a few traing days with ex SaS guys(cqb, fieldcraft and 4 man patrol)
ive recently returned after taking nearly 2 years out due to starting a family and my regualr site closure,this re opens next week.

You're arsenal My current arsenal will soon consist of a laylaxed vsr and a pistol ive still to decide on.

my past guns included
sunproject m40xb
aps2(upgraded fully)
apstype 96(upgraded fully)
vsr g-spec(upgraded fully)
tanaka a.i.c.s(upgraded fully)
tanaka LTR(upgraded fully)
shoot and scoot lee enfield no.4T(upgraded)
ive also owned a no of cheap soft rifles,l96,vsr clones ect .
plus more aegs than i can count especialy G36's(5 different) and
14s(4 different)
pistols ive been using the same two for over 10 years a tm p226 and tm mk23 socom both stock

Your camo ive had afew ghillies .my first was bought from the US,from ghillie but was chucked(the jacket,the trousers ive used for around 8) after 2 years since then i have made my own .
My last and best one was used for around 5 years with constant work being done.It was based on a webtex concealment vest and was very light.

What are your other hobbies?: only other hobbie i have are playing on xbox live and photography.the later having alot spent on it in the past two years.

Where do you reside? fife ,scotland

if the Admins want me to i will change my name
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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