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Reveal yourself. Sorry for the spam.

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Sorry for whoever got a Pm from me asking
"Are you The guy? (If you have no idea what I am talking about just ignore this message)"

I still have not found out who he is yet. ( Just on my BF3 thread I was talking to a guy called sniper on a link I posted)

So here is your call sniper. Reveal yourself.

And No I am not drunk, again... ;)
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This thread is full of win.
Cheese Man said:
I have yet to find any.....
Find any what? ???
Cheese Man said:
Win. You said it yourself...
Oops, I missed that.

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inthetallgrass said:
fuzzywolly said:
This thread is full of win.
This thread we are talking in or the other one which I gave a link to in the BF3 discussion thread of mine. I'm confused? ??? ???
All these gosh darn threads are full of win.
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[quote:jk6d9s7j]So thank you still mysterious sniper
This thread is confusing the hell out of me. If this was in any other section besides the Lounge you would have all been banned by now.
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