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Recently, I read Livonia's Guide for reviews, and that started me thinking. Eventually, I hit upon the idea of a standardized review system. This would have several benefits. Firstly, It would allow for the more experienced players (hats off to Wolf, Vindi, Bobcat and such), to shovel their examinations to the front of other lesser reviews. Second off, it would discourage those who have only heard rumors or garbled facts, and have never actually used the gun itself from writing a review. Lastly, It would make it much easier for noobs to find the information they need, and would stop many people from asking stupid questions.

Now, on to the review layout itself:

Part the First, BASRs

A: Body
- Body Material
- Body Embellishment/Decoration
- Body Compatibility (RIS, scope rails, Bi-pod mount style, etc.)
- RIS/Scope Rail material

B: Bolt and Safety
- Bolt Material
- Bolt embellishment/Design (SVD style, VSR style)
- Safety Location
- Safety Catch Material
- Safety indicator

C: Cylinder/Cylinder Head, Piston/Piston Head, Trigger Box
- Cylinder Material
- Cylinder to Cylinder head attachment (single piece, separate pieces)
- Cylinder Head Material
- Cylinder Head design (one-piece, two piece)
- Cylinder head Airseal
- Piston Material
- Piston head Material
- Piston head airseal
- O-ring quality
- Trigger Box Material and
- Max fps limit it can handle without damage

D: Hopup, Barrel, and grouping
- Barrel ID
- Barrel Material
- Hopup Material
- Hopup Pressure (Max bb weight Hopup can spin without mods)
- Bucking Nub (W shaped, V shaped, Mound-shaped, etc.)
- Airseal Quality (not quite sure how one would give any certain measurement of this so if anybody has any ideas please post)
- Ten shot grouping at 75' with 0.36
- Ten shot grouping at 100' with 0.36
- Ten shot grouping at 150' with 0.36
- Ten Shot grouping at 200' with .40 (If stock hopup and bucking can handle such heavy weight bbs)

E: Overall feel
- Weight (with scope and bi-pod if possible)
- Realistic functions
- How do YOU as an individual like the weapon?
- Would you recommend this weapon to No one, Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced Players?

If anybody bites, I'll post some more!

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Anybody interested?

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Admins and Mods: due to the fact that no one expressed any innterest, please delete this to help unclutter the forum. Thanks!
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