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I don't know if i am alone on this, but i think it would be a good idea to have a general "Reviews" section so that we can encourage people to write reviews as well as cut down on some of the unnecessary questions.
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I agree with Josh, a guideline would be very nice to have. That would limit the reviews from being like the ones over at shortyusa ;)

Off the top of my head...
1. Brief description of the feel of the rifle (weight)
2. External accessories or looks, quality, etc.
3. Internal discussion (quality of the parts)
4. Upgradibility
5. Performance and recommended bb weight
6. Any other helpful tips on mods, or other things that can be useful to know about the rifle, pistol, etc.
7. Problems
8. Conclusion, whether the gun, or bbs, or whatever is being review, would be a good buy.
Haha, patience my young one. (that would be a reference to star wars since we are referring to movies now ;)
I understand. The whole suggestion about the lounge took some time. I think only Livonia can make this happen though, not sure if he has been on in awhile.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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