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Revised Sale with more STUFF!

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OK since my other thread got 3 pages long without me actually getting rid of anything its time to revise. So seriously, any question you have direct it to my PM and not onto this thread. Again I will be accepting trades for some items that my friends/family will buy if I can get a hold of them.


(Please read before PM'ing me about anything):
1) Paypal (shipped) or cash (F2F) only. CASH IS KING
2) Trades: PK-ASV Sight (AK Prefered), Kobra AK Sight, P* FE, 30/45 HPA Tanks
3) All sales are final, and no returns.
4) I can take more pictures upon request.
5) NO PART OUTS unless otherwise specified.
6) I do not hold items; once you pay for them I ship the item with the next two days.
7) Don't make a mess in my thread, I like it clean.
8) If you need to contact me do it via PM.
9) Serious buyers only.
10) I can choose to do business with whom I want. If I do not want to do business with you I won't.
11) When buying an item from me, it acknowledges that you have read everything above this line and agree to everything.

Tanaka M700 AICS

Issue: The spring that pulls the 'firing pin' back after it has hit the gas lever is broken and needs to be replaced.

Parts List:

Tanaka M700 AICS $425

> 2-Roy Hop-up VSR Barrel Conversion $65
> Creation Aliminium Hop-up Chamber $75
> King Arms VSR Red Air Seal Bucking $14
> Polar-Star Striker Spring $8
> Laylax 555mm 6.03 $75
> G&G Power Pack $55
> G&G Rubber Set $21
> G&G Gas Route Connector Spring $5
> Jackhammer II Regulator in the Stock $60

> 13ci/3000PSI Guerrilla Tank $60
> Paintball Remote Line $17
> UTG Tri-Rail Mount $15
> King Arms .45ACP Silencer + TAB Gear SAS3 Replica $30
> Hours spent petting $Priceless

I currently use a Post-Ban Bolt because I prefer the higher build quality but I will include a Pre-Ban Bolt which has its screw removed and no nozzle. You will need to switch out parts between the bolts if you want to use the Pre-Ban one.

Total Retail: $925 without shipping.

Asking: $580 Shipped

AGM Full Wood / Metal MP44

Original Packaging and just short of NIB condition, couple garden scratches.

Comes with 2 extra magazines.

AGM MP44 $200
x2 MP44 Hi-Caps $50
Total: $250

Asking: $185 Shipped

CyberGun/KWC c02 Desert Eagle Full Auto/Semi Version

The muzzle has a circular scratch from removing the flash-hider, otherwise in great cosmetic and working condition.
Will include 5 c02 cartridges if I am able to ship it safely.

Total: $145

Asking: $85 Shipped

Sniper Parts

1. Real Harris 1A2 Ultra Light Bi-Pod $55 Shipped
2. Heavy Duty Triple Screw Scope Mount $30 Shipped
3. Heavy Duty Double Screw Scope Mount $20 Shipped


1. Leupold 3-9x40 Scope With Sun-Shade, Scope Cover and Bikini Cover SOLD

Great condition, a little glue from scope mounts with zero haze.

- Red/Green Illumination 5 Brightnesses Each
- Adjustable Range Focus
- Eye Relieve Focus
- Locking Windage Knobs
- Mil-Dot Reticle

Asking: $85 Shipped

2. Barska 3.5-10x50 Scope with Scope Cover and Bikini Cover

Never skirmish and zero haze

- Red/Green/Blue Illumination 3 Brightnesses Each
- Eye Relieve Focus
- Locking Windage Knobs
- P4 Reticle

Paid: $175
Asking: $120 Shipped
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PM'd (message too short)
1. Leupold 3-9x40 Scope With Sun-Shade, Scope Cover and Bikini Cover SOLD

1. 2. Heavy Duty Triple Screw Scope Mount SOLD
If I knock the price on the Tanaka down from $580 to $540 would I get anymore interest?
Knocking $5 off of all items above $100. Getting a bit stressed with still have these items :/

Tanaka $530 Shipped

Desert Eagle $75 Shipped

Everything else still $5 off over $100

AICS $525 bleh, might just go and get this fixed and jack the price up to $650 soon :p
If you get it fixed... I'd love to trade my maxed SPR for it
Parts are OTW to fix it... Turns out all I had to do was ask KJW lol. Thanks darkstar for being clever :p
Really wanting that Desert Eagle. If you could please respond to PM soon to let me know whether or not I can buy it, it would be very very much appreciated.
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