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Revision Exoshield Quick review

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From my Alabama Airsoft site-

So, Airsoft Atlanta had a sale on these about a year back. :

Revision Exoshield

Picked some up, they are super comfy, low profile, light- in short, perfect for a sniper/scope heavy function, or high speed, low drag setup.

... but I fogged them up within a minute of putting them on- BADLY. So I left it at that, I know I have a large mammal sweating issue anyway. My buddy Mateba tried them at Noob Day earlier this year, and he had the same issue. Hell, my wife tried them inside the house and they fogged on her within 5 minutes.

So- fast forward to today- I tried them on with all the Google search solutions I could find- anti fog crap (revision), nothing. Spit, nothing. Then I tried liquid hand soap. Plain old, generic walmart stupid liquid hand soap, the one with the little fish on the bottle. Put a small drop in each lens, buffed it out with a micro fleece towel.

HOLY POOP. It worked!!! Stood outside in the 95 plus degree heat, facing the sun, walked around, put on face masks over it to etc- and NO FOGGING! it's a MIRACLE!

I'm still going to carry my ESS w/fans in my kit as a backup on Saturday just in case- but MAN, if this works for an extended period of time, it is SO NICE to have goggles that are the next best thing to a pair of shooting glasses or no eye pro at all, while still having a full seal!.

Anyway, wanted to share the trick as I am sure I am not the only one with insane fogging issues.
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Good to hear. I'm a sweaty person myself, and I wouldn't touch the exoshield if it was free (well, ok. Only if it was free).

After buying the ESS Advancer V12, I can't go back to other goggles.
Glad that worked for you. Another thing you can try is using a tiny bit of toothpaste to help rub off any film that built up during the process of making the goggles and then rinse that off. That is what I do when I buy a new scuba diving mask.
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