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*Message from Plazmaburn: There I fixed it. You guys are welcome. Copy pasta magic.*

Welcome to 2Echo's rifle painting guide!

This will be a quick guide on how to achieve a unique look and a good camouflage to your rifle besides the rifle-rag.

What you will need:

Krylon or EC paint. Flat colors. Preferably 3 different colors
Masking tape (I used sports tape which is not the best, but it worked)
Tissue paper or rags
Ear plug or barrel plugging device
Sharp knife
Foliage like grass or branches (From the area you are operating in of course)

Step 1

Start of disassembling the main parts of your rifle. Stock, Scope, Barrel etc. Now grab your rag or tissue paper and wipe off any dirt and grease on your gun. You might want to use alcohol or something to dissolve the grease, but I just wiped it off. This is to make sure the paint stays on your gun and doesn't fall of too easily. You might also want to take a fine sandpaper and give your gun a couple of light strokes before painting.

Step 2

Tape over everything you don't want paint on, like the trigger assembly, lenses and scope knobs. Remove the cylinder and stuff paper inside the chamber as to not get paint inside it. Another important thing is to plug the barrel (this is where the earplug comes in handy) to make sure nothing gets inside it or the hop-up.

Step 3

Start off spraying the whole rifle with your lightest color. Cover everything, and make sure not to hold the spray can too close to the rifle as this will make the paint run down your rifle. Smooth, sweeping motions is the key. Spray thin layers several times until you can't see what is beneath. Then let it dry for about 15 minutes (or whatever the info on the can says). Now it should look something like this:

Step 4

After your base color is dry, give it a few stripes or spots of a slightly lighter color. Like this:

This will be the color of the foliage, and by giving it multiple tones you create some depth and dimension to your camouflage. Do light, but firm strokes and let it dry before you spray some more over the places you want to be darker. Random spraying worked for me.

Step 5

Assemble your rifle without the bolt, as you usually don't want it to be painted.

We are now going to make the background, which I the darkest color you will use. Get your foliage and Dark color(s) and you are set. Start by laying the foliage flat on your rifle. The closer the foliage is to the surface of your rifle, the sharper the outline. A handy tip is to do a test run on some other surface, and then move on to the rifle when you think your results look good. Experiment with different types of branches, twigs, grass etc. If you mess up, just let it dry and repeat step 3 and 4 on the area.
Another method is to hold the foliage firmly on certain spots and spray short bursts over it. This method is useful when painting areas like the top of the scope and on the barrel.

Don't forget to camouflage inside the flash hider or end of the silencer. This is what the enemy will look at if you are pointing at them, and you don't want them to see a tiny black circle. Besides the scope signature and reflection, this is the thing that is most likely to give yourself away when pointing at someone.

Step 6

Let the paint dry and if necessary put one some more paint if you feel that something should be better. remove all the tape.

Insert the bolt and you are ready to go. Enjoy your new rifle!


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That was one good looking rifle too, Evilfish!
Somewhat sharper outlines than mine. I could put the picture in the guide to show the difference of the result when using grass and having sharper outlines?

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Thanks for doing this! I've been looking for a painting guide and what better place to get it from than the airsoft sniper forum :) I just started painting my rifle, using this guide, and am getting a great result so far. I will try to post pictures when its done, but I am being a bit over-cautious and taking plenty of time.

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Hey all I just painted my rifle yesterday using the method here. I usually start out patient and then start to rush, which is a terrible way to go, but I do like my results. I usually will use stencils I make out of just paper and an exacto knife, but this way allowed me to read more posts about snipers

It's too bad that the paint will be (mostly) covered up from veg. or ghillie/burlap :(
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