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Rifle scabbard?

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Anyone use a scabbard for your sniper? I've been looking at the NC star molle rifle scabbard / sling. Its a cool looking piece of gear and it comes in ACU. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this type of mount and their( is that the right their?) results. I've mangled the front sling mount so I'm looking into alternative methods of securing my rifle... link coming soon.
EDIT: Here is the link, check her out.
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I have not used it but I would think that it would be more of a hassle to carry around. However if your are not planing on wearing a ghillie and attached it to a molle bag or vest it might work fine.
Yeah, I mean I'm going for a speed type loadout. So no ghillie for now... It's just for cqb.

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It depends on the length of your sniper rifle. If you have something like a SBR then you'll be golden. There is no way I would be able to effectively use a scabbard on my m24. It would hit everything.
I'm about to try out a scabbard to carry a compact /CQB M4 as my backup weapon to my sniper rifle. I'll report after the event.

If my sniper rifle is not ready, I'll just take my DMR setup with a sidearm, no scabbard then. I guess I could take the DMR rifle and the M4 instead of my HK 45 USP, but that would be serious overkill. >:D
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