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I have a chance to get a one of a kind rifle, and I am hoping to get as much as I can out of these parts.

1. All prices are fairly firm, but there is always some haggle room
2. Buyer will pay for shipping on any item, I ship from zip 58102
3. All items are as is
4. No refunds of any kind
5. Paypal or cash in hand are the only payment methods
6. Any questions please let me know
7. Please don't whine about prices, if you want something pm me and let me know what you consider a fair price

Over all pic of the items for sale at this time....

Frame One

Starting from left to right.

A&K box mag, a high cap mag with a much larger volume......$20
Random M4 stock with buffer tube......$10
Echo1 M16 pistol grip......$5
Random fore grip 1 ..... $5
Echo1 M16 front end set....$25
M249 muzzle break....$10
Quicksilver suppressor....$25
Random fore grip 2 ....$5
Snow Wolf M99 polished outer barrel ..... $35

Frame Two

Again from left to right.

Snow Wolf M99 muzzle break ..... $15
RWS 3-9x40mm scope....$50
Unkown scope 1 ....$40
Bushnell 1.25-4x shot gun style scope.....$35
Unknown scope 2 ....$30
Tasco scope ...... $40
NCstar 4x scope ..... $45

I do have a vast variety of rings as well. If you want rings for the scope let me know and I can add them in for $10 a pair.

Frame Three

From left to right once again.

Bar10 mags ..... $5 each
Customized Bar10 stock ..... $30
Bar10 outer barrel ....... $10
Bar10 front hold down block ..... $5
Bar10 hop up chamber ..... $8
Bar10 receiver ...... $15
Bar10 cylinder assembly ....$30
Polar Star piston ...... $40

Frame Four

Same as before, left to right.

Cut down stock MK96 inner barrel ..... $5
Unknown inner barrel 1 .....$5
Madmause 6.01 inner barrel ...... $30
Stock MK96 inner barrel ..... $10
1911 brown grips ..... $5
1911 green grips ..... $5
Battery, not sure if works or not, wired to deans ...... $5
Swivel bipod ....... $25

I am willing to bundle the bar10 parts together for $105.
I would much rather things be bundled together rather than single out everything. If you want multiple items let me know and I can help you out with the price.

Not pictured......

I also have an Ares Tavor long barrel version, in the tanish color.
I have 11 120 round mid cap MAG brand mags
An EoTech replica
Foam filled mock suppressor
550 chord sling mount system
Single point sling
11.1v King Arms Lipo and smart charger

I do have a potential buyer for the Tavor, but if that falls though, it will go up here really quick.

If there is anything you guys want, just let me know.

Like I said in Duttons thread..... The rifle I have been searching for for a long time has come up for sale. So I am hoping I can sell some of my spare parts that I don't need anymore.

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5 mags
2 1/2 bags .23 ammo
Eotech sight
single point sling

$400 shipped!! I need this gone guys..... need the money to pay the rest of my rifle off.

Anyone on this site buys this will let you pick a few things from the sale thread for free as an added bonus ;)
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