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Riot Shield Project

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I have recently started helping out a friend with a riot shield project, trying to make it field user friendly. ::)

He was able to show me the almost finished shield, and I must say it is looking pretty bad ass. I started a ghillie blanket to attach to the shield to make it concealed in a woodland environment. While I will not be using it, I thought it would be cool to make it "airsoft game effective" in a outdoor environment.

I will be posting some pics of the blanket soon, as well as some riot shield shots on friday.

I know some of you are CQBer's, and would love to see some shields of your own as well.
This is an attempt to make a shield outdoor user friendly, something the last shield failed at....Too small and stuck out like a sore thumb, making flanking the shield operator an easy tactic.
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Hope to see that.
Things I always wanted to do.
Get a bunch of friends with riot shields to do this.
Make a gun port in the middle so you can point a gun barrel out but bullets can come in
So here we go link.
Of course everyone would be crouching to cover our leg.
Yes tallgrass it would. But you would only make one and you get friends who have one and we make the turtle thing.
What I would do. Make a Acyrlic box so I can stand and walk around and have a gun port so I can fire and not be shot and be a troll. Only way to kill. Tip me over.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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