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RS ammo using AS principles?

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Saw this today on reddit:

This part was interesting:

First of all, when the gun is fired, the vents supposedly allow the propellant gases to go through the sides of the bullet, providing lubrication between it and the inside of the gun's barrel.
It would appear that RS is going the direction of AS (assuming that this principle works); while we in AS have been trying to go the direction of RS... discuss!
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bobgengeskahn said:
The quote.

Basically this manufacturer is putting holes in the back of the rounds (boat tail in this case) that is supposed to be "providing lubrication between it and the inside of the gun's barrel".

Meanwhile the operating theory behind 5.95 v. 6.01 v. 6.03 v. 6.23 is the idea that air around the BB is stabilizing it in AS.

At least I saw the (possible) connection... maybe I'm just seeing things again
That is not all they are trying to do. This is another way, be it absurdly expensive, to prevent muzzle flash and potentially stabilize the weapon. I think you are looking into things. The only way you would get the bullet to twist properly is by forcing it down a barrel that is actually smaller in diameter than the bullet. This forces the bullet to slightly deform into the rifling and the barrel can at that point provide the necessary twist for accurate shots. This technology basically a solution looking for a problem. The vortex or cushion you are referring too is more applicable to blowgun technology.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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