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RS ammo using AS principles?

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Saw this today on reddit:

This part was interesting:

First of all, when the gun is fired, the vents supposedly allow the propellant gases to go through the sides of the bullet, providing lubrication between it and the inside of the gun's barrel.
It would appear that RS is going the direction of AS (assuming that this principle works); while we in AS have been trying to go the direction of RS... discuss!
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I'd like to know how much these cost for shits and giggles.
They look pretty and someone spent a good deal of time making these. I would really like to see some ballistics on paper. I have a feeling these will be nowhere near accurate.
They have what looks like .45 in the link too. I would really like to see ballistics. My assumption is these have fail written all over it.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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