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RS ammo using AS principles?

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Saw this today on reddit:

This part was interesting:

First of all, when the gun is fired, the vents supposedly allow the propellant gases to go through the sides of the bullet, providing lubrication between it and the inside of the gun's barrel.
It would appear that RS is going the direction of AS (assuming that this principle works); while we in AS have been trying to go the direction of RS... discuss!
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There is no space between the bullet and the barrel. If there was.... oh wait there was... that is what a muzzle loader is.

You don't want any space between your bullet and your barrel. Because if you do, you will loose pressure as well as any kind of accuracy that you would have.
I can see the muzzle blast really screwing up the round as it comes out of the barrel.

Like mateba said, this is just causing a problem for something that hasn't had a problem in a while.
It just looks like some one put a bullet in a drill press and did some drilling.

I seem to remember seeing these same things a year or so ago, and it was a spoof about Barret making the 416 or something.
When you are shooting anything...... if it hunting, target shooting, or for personal defense, you are going to want a heavy bullet not a light bullet.

A heavier bullet will "buck" the wind better than a light bullet... as well as hit the target with more energy than a light bullet would. More mass will equal more knock down power.

This is the same principle that you see in any kind of shooting.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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